Online Statement Terms and Conditions

In this online statement Terms and Conditions ("Online Statement Terms and Conditions"), the words "we", "our" or "us" refer to Fulton Bank, N.A., ("FB"). "You" and "your" refer to the accountholder (or the accountholder's agent) who has accessed our Online and Mobile Banking services ("Services") and requested that periodic statements for the designated demand deposit account(s) be made available electronically, either through our website or Mobile Banking App ("online statements") as part of these Services. "Account(s)" refers to the account or accounts for which you have requested online statements. The terms of this Agreement apply to your access to and use of online statements. If the Online Statement Terms and Conditions are inconsistent with the Online and Mobile Banking Agreement, these terms govern.

Your consent to receive electronic communications:

You have previously provided your consent to receive electronic communications from FB (the "Consent to Electronic Communications"). To review the terms of your consent, please click here. The following terms from the Consent to Electronic Communications also apply to the Online Statement Terms and Conditions: Access to Your Electronic Communications, Withdrawing Your Consent, Your Obligation to Update Your Contact Information, Hardware and Software Requirements, and Your Right to Paper Copies of Communications.

No more paper periodic statements for the Account(s):

By agreeing to online statements, you agree that, once we process your request, you waive the right to receive and we will no longer be required to mail or deliver paper statements or other paper disclosures, legal or otherwise, relating to the Account(s) to the mailing address shown on our records for the Account(s).

Notice of availability of online statements:

We may send you e-mails notifying you when an online statement is available ("online statement e-mails"), but we are not required to send such e-mails to you. Online statements may be accessed on a computer through our website or through our Mobile Banking App on a compatible mobile device. We generally make each online statement available on the business day after your statement closing date. It may take up to three business days from the date you receive online statement e-mails until you are able to view your most recent online statement. Online statements will only be made available for the Account(s) and any other accounts for which you have previously requested online statements.

When your first online statement will be available:

It may take up to two statement cycles (generally up to two months) for us to process your request and to start making online statements available for your Account(s). During this time, we will continue to provide you with paper statements.

Requesting a paper copy of a periodic statement:

You may request a paper copy of any online statement by calling us at 1.800.385.8664 or writing to us at Fulton Bank, N.A., PO Box 6, East Petersburg, PA 17520. We may charge you a fee for a copy request as set forth in our Schedule of Fees. That fee will apply instead of the processing fee for requests for copies of disclosure and other notices set forth in the Online and Mobile Banking Agreement.

Returned e-mail notices:

If we send you an online statement e-mail notification and it is returned as undeliverable, we may, at our option, attempt to contact you for an updated e-mail address. However, it is your responsibility to notify us when your e-mail address changes. Regardless of whether any e-mail notice is returned to us as undeliverable, we will continue to make any online statements you request available through the Services unless we notify you otherwise. We will not be liable for any damages caused by an online statement e-mail being returned as undeliverable.

One e-mail address limit for e-mail notices:

We will only be obligated to send e-mail notices to a single e-mail address for the Account(s). That address will be the last one shown on our records within the online banking site. However, in certain circumstances, as a courtesy and without any continuing obligation to do so, we may send e-mail notices to multiple e-mail addresses.

Combined accounts:

If you or a joint account holder currently receives a combined periodic statement that shows information for an Account(s), your online statement will include information about those other accounts only if they are owned by the same name(s) as the Account(s) (collectively, "Like-Ownership Accounts"). Any such accounts that are not Like-Owned Accounts will continue to receive paper statements (unless or until an accountholder requests online statements for any such accounts), and information from the Like-Owned Accounts will no longer appear on those paper statements. For example, if you and another accountholder are receiving a combined statement for a checking account that you both own jointly, a savings account that you both own jointly and money market account that belongs exclusively to the other accountholder, and you sign up for an online statement for the joint checking account, you will automatically receive an online statement for the joint checking account and joint savings account and a paper statement for the money market account will be mailed to the other accountholder. You should notify any accountholder who will continue to receive paper statements of your election to receive online statements so that they understand why information from the Like-Owned Accounts no longer appears on the paper statements.

Online availability of online statements:

Each online statement will be available for up to 24 months through our Services. However, if you withdraw your consent to online statements, or cancel the Services or if we or you close your Account(s), you will no longer have access to online statements. Accordingly, you should print or save any online statement you wish to retain as soon as it becomes available.


We reserve the right to send you a paper statement in lieu of making an online statement available to you at any time. We reserve the right to terminate online statements or to discontinue your receipt of online statements at any time.


If you have any problems with your online statements, please contact us at 1.800.385.8664 or send us a message securely from within Online Banking by accessing the Contact Us option.